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A Switch In Time

    Rival Gaming is proud to announce the launch of A Switch In Time, a brand new 20-line i-Slot. This time traveling adventure has you play as a genius scientist from the not so distant past who builds a time machine. You will travel to 3 different time periods where you will make some friends, some enemies and save the day!
    Where will the journey take you? You will have to jump into the time machine to find out.

Feature Information
Available Coin
Denominations/Bet Sizes
0.01, 0.05, 0.10 (configurable)
up to 10 coins
up to 20 lines
Default Coin
Denominations/Bet Sizes
0.01 coin, 10 coins, 20 lines
Total bet: $2.00
Default Jackpot
(per line)
0.01 * 6789 * 10 coins = $678.90 (No Wilds)
0.01 * 1895 * 10 coins * 4X = $758.00 (Max Wilds)
0.01 * 1895 * 10 coins * 3X * 9X multiplier = $5116.50 (Max Wilds & Free Spin)
Maximum Jackpot
(per line)
Playing default limit:
0.10 * 6789 * 10 coins = $6789.00 (No Wilds)
0.10 * 1895 * 10 coins * 4X = $7580.00 (Max Wilds)
0.10 * 1895 * 10 coins * 3X * 9X multiplier = $51165.00 (Max Wilds & Free Spin)
Expected Return Percentage
Maximum Bonus
Round Wins
Present: 0.10 * 10 coins * 20 lines * 261 = $5220.00
Past and Future: 0.10 * 10 coins * 20 lines * 480 = $9600.00
Note: Past and Future bonus rounds have no theoretical limit; the value above is a calculated low probability high win.
Special Features
3 unique rounds, with different casings, animations, bonus rounds and pay tables.
Win up to 78 free spins with a 9X multiplier, featuring a 3X expanding wild multiplier resulting in a whooping 27X multiplier!
Incredible graphics and immersive game play!

A Switch In Time – Present – Casing

Present Casing

Present Paytable

A Switch In Time – Past – Casing

Past Casing

Past Paytable

A Switch In Time – Future – Casing

Future Casing

Future Paytable

A Switch In Time – Normal Wins

A Switch In Time – Expanding Wilds

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