Cosmic Quest Episode 2 slot game

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Cosmic Quest Episode 2 Slots at Box24 Casino

Cosmic Quest Episode 2

    Rival Gaming is proud to announce the launch of Cosmic Quest Episode 2 – Mystery Planets, an exciting 20-Line, 10-coin i-Slot which is the second in a series of Cosmic Quest i-Slots. This revolutionary interactive video slot features free spins, multipliers, expanding wilds and a brand new skill-based bonus round! This new Rocket Racer bonus round awards coins based on how well the player navigates their rocket ship through the caves. The further they get, the more coins they will receive. During testing we found that some people were very good at completing the bonus round while others found it very difficult. Rather than removing the skill requirements from the bonus round we have added a secondary bonus round that players can choose to play if they find the skill play too hard. Introducing for the first time: Random win choice during skill-based bonus rounds. Choose this option from within the bonus round if skill play is too hard to complete.

Feature Information
Available Coin
Denominations/Bet Sizes
0.01, 0.05, 0.10, [0.25] (configurable)
up to 10 coins
up to 20 lines
Default Coin
Denominations/Bet Sizes
0.01 coin, 10 coins, 20 lines
Total bet: $2.00
Default Jackpot
Default limit players: 0.10 * 5,000 * 10 coins = $5,000
Maximum Jackpot
~95.0% (based on random bonus round payout)
Expected Return Percentage
~98.0% (based perfect bonus round play)
Maximum Return Percentage
Special Features
True Skill-based bonus round. Better play receives higher win. Practice makes perfect.
NEW! Secondary “Random Win” bonus round can be chosen in the bonus round itself, if the player does not feel they are skilled enough to earn good wins.
Dollar sign ($) is used for illustration purposes only. Actual game is available in all currencies.

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Pay Table

Random Win


Pay Out

Accepts US Players
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