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Feb.11, 2010
Blackjack Tournaments

Blackjack Bowl III kicks the new year into gear with $21,000
February 16th at 10:30pm EST the Superbowl of Blackjack, Blackjack Bowl III, dishes out $21,000!
Blackjack players will not want to miss this season finale and their shot at some real cash! Shout it out!
For details and more info on Blackjack Bowl III click here.

Coming Soon:
February is Free!
We like to call it Free-bruary!
$50 Freerolls every nite in February! 28 days of goodness graciousness!
Blackjackers are gonna love Free-bruary!

March Madness “Head to Head Blackjack Tourneys”
This Head to Head Blackjack series begins the week after the Blackjack Bowl.
For 8 Weeks players will compete Head to Head, just like you see in NCAA Basketball tourneys.
From fields of 64 or 32, to Sweet 16’s and Elite 8's to the elusive Final Four, players will battle it out for Winner Take All results.
Lots of Cash to be earned in these Dogg Eat Dogg battles.
Get ready by playing in the Mano a Mano games found in our Single Tournaments.
Head to Head Blackjack! Fast paced & Fun!