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Spy Game

    Rival Gaming is proud to announce the launch of Spy Game, a brand new 15-line i-Slot. Spy Game is an action packed spy adventure featuring guns, bombs, explosions and the tools of the trade. The game follows a 3 mission storyline, featuring richly animated full-screen cut scenes and interactive bonus rounds that put the user in the center of the excitement..

Feature Information
Available Coin
Denominations/Bet Sizes
0.01, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50 (configurable)
up to 5 coins
up to 15 lines
Default Coin
Denominations/Bet Sizes
0.05 coin, 5 coins, 15 lines
Total bet: 3.75
Default Jackpot
(per line)
0.05 * 800 * 5 coins = $200
0.05 * 800 * 5 coins * 4X multiplier = $800 (Free Spin)
0.05 * 800 * 5 coins * 12X multiplier = $2400 (Free Spin & Wild)
Maximum Jackpot
(per line)
Playing default limit:
0.50 * 800 * 5 coins * 12X multiplier = $24,000
Expected Return Percentage
Maximum Bonus
Round Wins
0.50 * 66 * 5 coins * 4X multiplier = $660
Special Features
3 or more free spin icons trigger 10 free spins with a 4X multiplier. Wild multipliers will then be 12X. Free spins are not retriggered. 3 unique, mission based bonus rounds.
NEW! Exciting free spin accumulation feature, which triggers the bonus round if special icons are hit before the free spins run out.
NEW! Dynamic free spin animations. The animations change depending on which of the special icons have been hit.
NEW! High resolution win animations. Hitting 4 or more icons in a row triggers a fun, spy themed animation. There are different animations for EACH icon. Try to see them all!

Spy Game - Casing

Normal Casing

Free Spin Casing

Spy Game – Casing Cont’d

Paytable Round 1

Paytable Round 2

Paytable Round 3

Game Map

Spy Game –Wins


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