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Webtv casinos allow users to play casino games like Slots, Blackjack, Video Poker for fun or real money. These Webtv casinos are also accepting real money USA players.

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Webtv online casinos that offer casino games for webtv users are easy to play. Web tv casino games can be played by any user with access to the Internet through ANY browser and ANY operating system; WebTV, MAC, AOL, whatever!!! If you can read this page, then you can play slots, blackjack and video poker games without waiting to download anything!!! The HTML games are fun and exciting to play; however for even more magical Hi-Fi sound and 3D graphics we strongly suggest you play no download JAVA casino games! Because of the advancement of casino software there are very few webtv compatible casinos on the internet. Below I listed a couple casinos that will allow you to play free or real money webtv casino games.

Slotland has Slots,Blackjack,Video Poker
Slotland Casino

Explore SLOTLAND’s large slot machines. Progressive jackpots over $100,000. Feel safe and comfortable while playing at SLOTLAND – legendary online casino!
SLOTLAND is absolutely unique online casino with a proprietary software. This reputable casino offers Webtv, No download slot machines, blackjack and video poker games. 100% Registration bonus, monthly promotional bonuses and 98% Payback certified, slotland does not require any time-consuming or complicated downloading. You can start playing in two quick clicks using Win/Mac/AOL or WebTV. Perfectly designed, fast loading games and awesome animation right on your Web Browser! Join and enjoy this legendary casino NOW!

Free Slots

Win up to Free $100! This Webtv casino game is absolutely FREE, no purchase is necessary. You may play right in your browser, no Java and no download are required. Top scores are reset on Wednesday 9:00am GMT of each week and players with maximum credits win cash prizes! No download – click, spin and win within few minutes! Slots and Video Poker for web tv users.

  • LuckyStars is the latest addition to our unique slot machines. LuckyStars has 5 paylines. A bonus spin is triggered when you collect 3 star medals and your winnings are multiplied 10 TIMES in this spin! There is also a ‘hold’ feature that appears randomly and lets you hold any reels you wish, which may result in higher wins!
  • Booster is one of our newest exciting slot machines. It is the only slot where your bet is never lost and allows to wager as much as $50 bet per single spin! Get one of the wild “BOOST” symbols and Boost your bet by 10 times!
  • Golden8 is our original big one. Its 9-wheels and 8-paylines feature the most exciting slot gambling experience available on the Internet today. Collect 6 Blue Diamond symbols and win a FREE spin!
  • SilverKiss offers a different sort of entertainment. It combines the thrill of online gambling with very special bonuses – hundreds of quality nude photos of our beautiful models divided into several categories. Select the category of your choice and spin for money and more!
  • HeavyMetal offers a unique opportunity to place bets on your own game history. One horizontal bet line and three vertical bet lines make this the thinking person’s slot machine!
  • TreasureBox has quickly become a player favorite. It is the only slot machine allowing the player to hold the reels after each spin and make the best potential return everytime the lever is pulled. Be sure to keep your eye out for the hold feature; it can make for some rich wins!
  • Magic 5 big wheels of the Magic slot machine present many different payoffs as well as winning possibilities; when you can spell out “MAGIC” below your slot machine, you get a FREE spin with a guaranteed win!
  • SpaceJack which is a video variation of the most popular table game of all times, Blackjack. Blackjack pays 3 to 1 to the player, even when the dealer has blackjack! Three blackjacks with bets placed on all 3 wins the progressive jackpot!
Video Poker:
  • Jacks Or Better, the game based on the most classic video poker ever. Our pay table for this game is very generous – you do not need to place a maximum bet to get a bonus pay out on the Royal Flush although a maximum bet with a Royal Flush WILL win the jackpot!
  • Striking Sevens machine is similar to popular Deuces Wild video poker. In this game Sevens are WILD and replace any other card to allow you to make the best possible poker hand. All winning hands are offered the chance to DOUBLE the win. If you play your hand right, you can strike it rich with this great game!
  • WildHeart is based on Double Joker video poker machine. For a little more excitement and to triple your chance for the BIG win, enjoy exciting triple play action.
Slotland Casino